Meetings Workshop 

Who is this workshop for?

It is designed for people who need to attend meetings in English and who need to build up confidence and overcome their inhibitions.


The course is designed for students who have attained at least a B1 level in the Common European Framework. Students would be assessed before beginning the workshop.


•  To develop meeting skills in terms of effective procedures

•  To learn appropriate expressions for controlling and participating in meetings

•  To practise meetings and receive feedback on strengths and weaknesses


•  Opening a meeting

•  Asking for and giving opinions

•  Presenting alternatives

•  Building up arguments

•  Interrupting and dealing with interruptions

•  Dealing with disagreement

•  Questioning and clarifying

•  Making recommendations, suggestions and offers

•  Summarizing and concluding



 The materials used would be designed by the course trainer and would include listening exercises, DVD recordings of good and bad meetings, role play exercises based on the participants own experiences.


 Students will be recorded in the final meeting practice and feedback will be given on performance.

Length: A 2-day workshop of 16 hours.

Number of participants: Minimum 4 – Maximum 8.





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